Oil Paintings

Wilted Rose - Joachim Lapiak. A painting of a wilted rose.

Wilted Rose
Joachim Lapiak 2020
18 in. × 12 in. (46 cm × 30 cm) Oil on canvas

This piece is a memento mori (or vanitas), a reminder that life is ephemeral, where moments are constantly fleeting in an unavoidable passage of eternal change. Wilted Rose highlights the dualities of nature, where opposite concepts cannot exist without each other: Life cannot exist without death, growth is contrasted by decay, to thrive is to struggle, and where there is ugliness, there is also beauty. The dualities of nature remind us that our time is finite on Earth, so the present reality is all we have.

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Marcus Aurelius Redux - Joachim Lapiak. A painting of Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius Redux
Joachim Lapiak 2021
24 in. × 18 in. (61 cm × 46 cm) Oil on canvas

Marcus Aurelius (121–180 AD) was a Roman emperor and philosopher king par excellence. He followed the philosophy of Stoicism, where Stoic ethics focused on the virtues of courage, justice, wisdom, and temperance. With the scant statues, busts, and written descriptions of him, the challenge was to paint his portrait from these sources. Through a commitment to excellence and the struggles that growth demands, a possible likeness emerges. Breathing life into Marcus Aurelius, the artist honours a sage while fulfilling a personal lesson.

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Switzer Dawn - Joachim Lapiak. A painting of Switzer Dawn.

Switzer Dawn
Joachim Lapiak 2022
11 in. × 14 in. (28 cm × 35 cm) Oil on panel

Recreating an early morning sunrise from the peak of Athabasca Lookout. The river valley and hiking trail meander toward the mountains, rising out of the fog. Located at William A. Switzer Provincial Park, Alberta.

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Courage Amidst the Tempest - Joachim Lapiak. A painting of Courage Amidst the Tempest.

Courage Amidst the Tempest
Joachim Lapiak 2022
11 in. × 14 in. (28 cm × 35 cm) Oil on panel

A brave paddler, bounded by the turbulent lake and tempestuous skies, fixes his resolute gaze toward the fading light at the end of the horizon.